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For over a century now, Ford has been designing trucks that appeal to all Americans. The human work ethic goes above and beyond just pride; people want their hard work to be exemplified. Ford trucks represent the human work ethic by bringing hard working Americans power, toughness, and dependability. The engineers at Ford take the opinions of hard working Americans seriously. Customer feedback is looked upon as an asset when it comes to designing a vehicle with innovative capabilities and superior towing abilities. For example, the Ford F-150 offers customers numerous versatile features and tremendous towing capacity. The F-150 is apart of the F-Series, a category of specialized Ford trucks designed to give drivers advanced towing capacity and loads of versatility. Towing boats or just other types of cargo is simple with an F-150, and the most current model has a towing capacity greater than 11,000 pounds! These trucks are also equipped with a navigation system and a back-up camera, along with a popular communications and entertainment system known as Sync. The F-150 series dates all the way back to the 1940's and is one of the top sellers in the Ford truck category.

Ford Super Duty trucks are another great example of an innovative truck line denoting the tough American work ethic. In fact, Ford just recently revealed the new 2011 Super Duty model at the State Fair of Texas, which will deliver more power. Currently, these trucks have 350 horsepower, but the 2011 model promises to bring even more power to this heavy-duty truck line. Ford did not disclose any specific numbers on what type of horsepower Americans can expect from this exciting new model, but according to, the new engine is supposed to produce 390 horsepower and 720 lb.-ft of torque. This would place the 2011 Super Duty at the top of the list when it comes to the most powerful engines in the heavy duty pickup truck category. One important new feature for sure with the 2011 F-150 is the engine design. The engine was constructed by Ford engineers instead of Navistar engineers. Navistar Power Strokes accumulated a fair amount of complaints from dependable customers. People mostly complained about the roughness of the truck, along with problems coming from the fuel injection system and other mechanical mishaps. It will be interesting to see the reviews on this new model from Ford customers when the truck is released for sale.

Ford also has an F-250 model, which is extremely popular among customers. The F-250 Super Duty truck line gives people the extra power they need to get the job done right. It is kind of like waking up early in the morning and wandering around trying to fill your coffee cup up as quickly as possible. However, these early hours usually require more than just a single cup of coffee to get going, and the F-250 is pretty much like that extra kick you get by drinking a stronger coffee brand or swigging down several cups to get out and moving. There are also numerous body styles to go along with the F-250 series. This allows more choice in the marketplace, and this permits Americans from all walks of life to find an F-250 that will take care of all their requirements.

As Americans continue to work hard and put forth all their efforts into the job at hand, Ford will remain a stable backbone to this profound work ethic. Americans can always depend on Ford when it comes to quality, innovation, and superior truck design. Now that Ford is designing its own truck engine models, Americans can expect even more dependability and durability from future trucks. When you need a great vehicle with superior towing capacity, you will never have to look any further than Ford trucks. Ford ensures its commitment and dedication to all Americans, one of the primary reasons why Ford is now the American icon in the auto industry.


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